Batch Image Processor 2008 5.6.60

Batch Image Processor 2008 5.6.60

BinaryMark – 3.2MB – Shareware – Windows
Save time and view, organize, resize, watermark, convert, rename, adjust color, batch-process, make web gallery of images in just a few clicks using one piece of software! It features more than 90 built-in actions and effects, 25 image formats (including BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, SGI, PSD, WMF, EMF, PCX, DDS, TGA, RAW), Windows explorer context-menu integration, 32-bit alpha-transparency support, layers support with more than 20 blend modes (including screen, overlay, lighten, etc.), templates for easy image processing, built-in preview and effects sequence editor, integrated slideshow and duplicate image file finder (so you can easily remove duplicate images), advanced GIF optimization and dithering, multi-core processor support, and much, much more!


Batch Image Processor 2008 범주 그래픽 애플 리케이션 BinaryMark개발한에서 Shareware 소프트웨어입니다.

Batch Image Processor 2008의 최신 버전은 2019-12-01에 발표 된 5.6.60. 처음 2008-07-19에 데이터베이스에 추가 되었습니다.

다음 운영 체제에서 실행 되는 Batch Image Processor 2008: Windows. 다운로드 파일의 크기는 3.2MB.

Batch Image Processor 2008 사용자 3 5 등급으로 평가 했다.

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